802.11ac Dual-RadioPro Access PointModel: UAP-AC-PRO

IntroductionThank you for purchasing the Ubiquiti Networks UniFi 802.11ac Dual-Radio Pro Access Point. This Quick StartGuide is designed to guide you through installation andincludes warranty terms.IMPORTANT: The UAP-AC-PRO requires the UniFiController v5.4 or higher, available ContentsUniFi AP AC ProMounting BracketFlat Head Screws(Qty. 4)Keps Nuts(Qty. 4)Cable Feed PlugGigabit PoE* (48V, 0.5A)with Mount BracketCeiling Backing PlateScrews(Qty. 4)Screw Anchors(Qty. 4)Power Cord** Included only in the single-pack of the UAP-AC-PROTERMS OF USE: Ubiquiti radio devices must be professionally installed. Shielded Ethernetcable and earth grounding must be used as conditions of product warranty. TOUGHCable isdesigned for outdoor installations. It is the professional installer’s responsibility to follow localcountry regulations, including operation within legal frequency channels, output power, andDynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) requirements.

Installation Requirements Phillips screwdriver Drill and drill bit (6 mm for wall-mounting or 3 mm forceiling‑mounting) Optional: Drywall or keyhole saw (to cut 18 mm hole forEthernet cable feed) Cat5/6 UTP cable for indoor installationsOutdoor Installation RequirementsIMPORTANT: The UAP-AC-PRO may be installedoutdoors under an eave or other protected location. Donot install the UniFi AP in an open environment. Mounting location should be at least 60 cm (2 ft) from theedge of the eave or ceiling. Cable feed opening must be directed away from the openenvironment. Cable feed must be pointed downwards when wall-mounted. Shielded Category 5 (or above) cabling with drain wireshould be used for all outdoor wired Ethernet connectionsand should be grounded through the AC ground of the PoE.We recommend that you protect your networks fromharmful outdoor environments and destructive ESD eventswith industrial‑grade, shielded Ethernet cable from UbiquitiNetworks. For more details, Requirements Linux, Mac OS X, or Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 Java Runtime Environment 1.8 or above recommended Web Browser: Google Chrome (Other browsers may havelimited functionality.) UniFi Controller software v5.4 or newer (available

Network Topology Requirements A DHCP-enabled network (for the AP to obtain an IP addressas well as for the wireless clients after deployment) A UniFi Cloud Key or management station running the UniFiController v5.4 (or newer) software, located either on-siteand connected to the same Layer-2 network, or off-site inthe cloud or NOCUniFi Cloud Key(UniFi 0WLANUSG-PRO-4(DHCP Server)WANInternetSDNPortlandLast 24 HrsEverything is greatISP Load: GreatGoodNetwork: GreatFairPoorWi-Fi Load: GreatMaxHigh125.2 Mbps -2Throughput-24hrs618%InternetNowA1LowRetry Rate-24hrs43%Latency-24hrs225.2 MbpsNow9800-f - 8!ă -9;8-# ধ32 W 12GatewayCapacity 20Switches ধ -A!ধ32412Access 1240IoT128132136 -8ধ1'-24hrs140149153157Back RoomNow161165Edit Widgets 39; ধ ' 9 ă 'NowMax45GuestsA11My Dashboard ' - ' -9;8-# ধ32 36 '[email protected] 9! '13 LAN86 GB ,'38'ধ ! !6! -;@2;'82'; 322' ধ32V 3 2 3!& f -; ,'291 GB56.9% f 32('8'2 'Throughput 36 66 - !ধ329-f - [email protected] '50 Mbps40 Mbps -'2;9Facebook35.6% -'2;9 69 2 -2'32 -'2;91,32430 MbpsStorageRoof03 WLAN53 GBStorage01 LAN48 GB34%Roof28%YouTube20 Mbps10 Mbps -'2;929;! 8!1 -'2;9 ধ -A!ধ3264% 8!ă 248 GB0 Mbps! [email protected] ' WWW! [email protected] ' WWW45 GB-24 hrs24%Wi-Fi Key Metrics- ,32'500 Mbps0 Mbps 2&83-&1300 Mbps '8! ' -8ধ1' ধ -A!ধ3228% 11acMacBookiPad W l#c9m ATop Interference ă '45%Roof45%Storage f 32('8'2 ' 32 '9; -'2; 6ধ1'51%45%iPad-1MBP-2 -'2;9 -'2;9 -; , [email protected] 4h 0m2d 8h 30m 2 -2' -'2;945%iPad-22d 8h 30m 38; ধ -A!ধ3245%MBP-12d 8h 30m 8!ă -'2; 8'7 '2 @ -9;8-# 4%Port Usage241,32432%1,248 GBPort 1- GBPort 2 - GB PoE SquarespaceNow 39; ধ ' -; ,'9 -'2;9 -'2;9Devices!;' [email protected] f !-2536 ধ -A!ধ320%100% 32;83 '8 f ă ' ধ -A!ধ320%A100% 32;83 '8 f ă ' ধ -A!ধ320% !1'120 3 ধ2 ধ -A!ধ3250% PC Laptop W l#c9m Al#c9m A51%45% -'2;9100% '8! ' 6' ;8! ă -'2 @Back RoomHome ă ' f 8; '6; -'2;98%0%08% 11n ă '-12 hrs 39; ধ ' -'2;9Average Capacity64% 11ac W2Top CPU UsageVPN-LA-PDXStatusUsers21100%Guests2Corporate 2 @ '8! ' !;!320 GB632 '13;'f ø 'f 430 2 @12 GB13 8!29('8f 712 2 @0 GB800PurposeVPN-LA-PDX2Port 3- 10 GBPort 4- GB POE11 GBRemote Access tooUniFi ControllerrSample Network DiagramAll UniFi devices support off-site management controllers. Forsetup details, see the User Guide on the

Hardware OverviewLEDLED ColorStatusWhiteFactory default, waiting to be integrated.Flashing WhiteInitializing.AlternatingWhite/BlueDevice is busy; do not touch or unplug it.This usually indicates that a process suchas a firmware upgrade is taking place.BlueIndicates the device has been successfullyintegrated into a network and is workingproperly.This is used to locate an AP.QuicklyFlashing BlueWhen you click Locate in the UniFiController software, the AP will flash. Itwill also display the location of the AP onthe map.Steady BlueIndicates the device is in an isolated statewith Occasional (all WLANs are brought down until anFlashinguplink is found).

SBPortSecondary The Secondary port is a Gigabit Ethernet port usedfor bridging.Reset The Reset button serves two functions for the UniFi AP: Restart Press and release the Reset button quickly. Restore to Factory Default Settings Press and hold theReset button for more than five seconds.USB The USB port is reserved for future use.Main The Main port is a Gigabit Ethernet port used toconnect the power and should be connected to the LAN andDHCP server.Note: If you need to remove the UniFi AP from theMounting Bracket, insert a paper clip in the SecuritySlot to release the Lock Tab and turn the UniFi APcounterclockwise.

Upgrade from UAP-PROThe design of the UAP-AC-PRO Mounting Bracket facilitatesupgrades from the UAP-PRO, by eliminating the need to drillnew holes in the wall or ceiling tile. The following illustrationsshow the Mounting Bracket holes that are used for theUAP-AC-PRO and UAP-PRO:Mounting Bracket Holes (4)for UAP-AC-PROMounting Bracket Holes (3)for UAP-PROTo begin the upgrade, perform the following steps:1. Insert a paper clip into the UAP-PRO Locking Notchto disengage the lock. Then turn the UAP‑PROcounterclockwise and lift it off of the mounting bracket.Locking NotchUAP-PRO (wall mount installation)2. Unscrew the three screws holding the mounting bracket tothe wall or ceiling tile.3. Go to step 3 of the Wall Mount section or step 4 of theCeiling Mount section.

Hardware InstallationThe UniFi AP can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. Performthe steps for the appropriate installation:Wall Mount1. Position the Mounting Bracket at the desired location onthe wall with the Arrow pointing up.2. Mark the four mounting holes, and use a 6 mm drill bit todrill the holes. If your Ethernet cable feeds through thewall, cut or drill a circle approximately 18 mm in diameter.Then feed the CAT5/6 cable through the hole.ArrowOptional 18 mm Hole forEthernet Cable Feed through the Wall

3. Insert the Screw Anchors into the 6 mm holes. Secure theMounting Bracket to the wall by inserting the Screws intothe anchors.Note: If upgrading from the UAP-PRO, securethe new Mounting Bracket to the wall using theexisting holes.4. Remove the rubber port cover from the UniFi AP.

5. If the Ethernet cable runs along the mounting surface, skipto step 6. If the Ethernet cable is fed through the wall orceiling, insert the Cable Feed Plug.6. Feed the Ethernet cable through the port cover.Note: The feed hole will stretch to accommodate theRJ45 connector, and then seal around the cable.7. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Main port and replacethe port cover.

8. Align the Notch on the top edge of the UniFi AP with theArrow on the Mounting Bracket.NotchArrowLockTab9. Rotate the UniFi AP clockwise until the tabs lock into placeand the Lock Tab engages.

Ceiling Mount1. Remove the ceiling tile.2. Place the Ceiling Backing Plate in the center of the ceilingtile. Mark the four mounting screw holes and an 18 mmhole for the Ethernet cable feed.18 mm Hole for Ethernet Cable Feed3. Use a 3 mm drill bit to drill the screw holes, and cut or drillthe hole for the Ethernet cable feed.

4. Insert the Flat Head Screws through the Mounting Bracket,ceiling tile, and Ceiling Backing Plate (see note below).Fasten the screws using the Keps Nuts. Then feed theEthernet cable through the tile and bracket.Note: If upgrading from the UAP-PRO, insert theFlat Head Screws through the new Mounting Bracket,the ceiling tile, and the Ceiling Backing Plate. (Eitherre-use the UAP-PRO Ceiling Backing Plate or replaceit with the new UAP-AC-PRO plate.)

5. Insert the Cable Feed Plug.6. Remove the port cover from the UniFi AP, and then feedthe Ethernet cable through the port cover.Note: The feed hole will stretch to accommodate theRJ45 connector, and then seal around the cable.7. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Main port and replacethe port cover.

8. Align the Notch on the top edge of the UniFi AP with theArrow on the Mounting Bracket.ArrowLock TabNotch9. Rotate the UniFi AP clockwise until the tabs lock into placeand the Lock Tab engages.10. Set the ceiling tile back into place.

Powering the UniFi APThe UAP-AC-PRO features auto-sensing 802.3af/802.3at PoEsupport and can be powered by any of the following: Ubiquiti Networks UniFi Switch with PoE 802.3af/802.3at PoE compliant switch Ubiquiti Networks Gigabit PoE Adapter (48V, 0.5A)The single-pack of the UAP-AC-PRO includes one Gigabit PoEadapter. For multi-pack units, PoE adapters or a UniFi Switchwith PoE may be purchased separately.Connecting to a PoE SwitchConnect the Ethernet cable from the UniFi AP directly to a PoEport on the SFP2

Connecting to a PoE Adapter1. Connect the Ethernet cable from the device to the POEport of the Gigabit PoE adapter.2. Connect an Ethernet cable from your LAN to the LAN portof the Gigabit PoE adapter.3. Connect the Power Cord to the adapter, and then plug thePower Cord into a power outlet.Mounting the PoE Adapter (Optional)1. Remove the PoE Mounting Bracket from the adapter, placethe bracket at the desired location, and mark the two holes.2. Pre-drill the holes if necessary, and secure the bracketusing two fasteners (not included).3. Align the adapter’s slots with the tabs of the PoE MountingBracket, and then slide the adapter down.

Software InstallationDownload and install the latest version of the UniFi Controllersoftware. Launch it and follow the on-screen instructions. Thesoftware and step-by-step instructions in the User Guide areavailable at: you have installed the software and run the UniFiInstallation Wizard, a login screen will appear for the UniFiController management interface. Enter the Admin Name andPassword that you created and click Log In.You can manage your wireless network and view networkstatistics using the UniFi Controller management interface.For information on configuring and using the UniFi Controllersoftware, refer to the User Guide.Mobile App InstallationUbiquiti Networks also offers the UniFi mobile app, whichis available from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store(Android). You can use it to provision a UniFi AP for basicfunctionality without configuring a UniFi Controller. It alsoallows seamless provisioning of APs for remote controllers(controllers not on the same Layer 2 network) and easy accessto local controllers and those monitored on

SpecificationsUAP-AC-PRODimensions196.7 x196.7 x 35 mm(7.74 x 7.74 x 1.38")Weightwith Mounting Kit350 g (12.35 oz)450 g (15.87 oz)Networking Interface(2) 10/100/1000 Ethernet PortsButtonsResetPower MethodPoE 802.3af/802.3atPower Supply48V, 0.5A Gigabit PoE Adapter*Max. Power ConsumptionOperating FrequencyMax. TX Power2.4 GHz5 GHz9W2.4 GHz5 GHz22 dBm22 dBmAntennas(3) Dual-Band Antennas, 3 dBi eachWi-Fi Standards802.11 a/b/g/n/acWireless SecurityWEP, WPA-PSK,WPA-Enterprise (WPA/WPA2, TKIP/AES)MountingWall/Ceiling (Kits Included)Operating Temperature-10 to 70 C (14 to 158 F)Operating Humidity5 to 95% NoncondensingCertificationsCE, FCC, IC*Included with the single-pack of the UAP-AC-PRO

Safety Notices1.Read, follow, and keep these instructions.2.Heed all warnings.3.Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.WARNING: Do not use this product in a location that canbe submerged by water.WARNING: Avoid using this product during an electricalstorm. There may be a remote risk of electric shock fromlightning.Electrical Safety Information1.Compliance is required with respect to voltage, frequency, and currentrequirements indicated on the manufacturer’s label. Connection to adifferent power source than those specified may result in improperoperation, damage to the equipment or pose a fire hazard if the limitationsare not followed.2.There are no operator serviceable parts inside this equipment. Serviceshould be provided only by a qualified service technician.3.This equipment is provided with a detachable power cord which hasan integral safety ground wire intended for connection to a groundedsafety outlet.a.Do not substitute the power cord with one that is not the providedapproved type. Never use an adapter plug to connect to a 2-wireoutlet as this will defeat the continuity of the grounding wire.b.The equipment requires the use of the ground wire as a part of thesafety certification, modification or misuse can provide a shockhazard that can result in serious injury or death.c.Contact a qualified electrician or the manufacturer if thereare questions about the installation prior to connecting theequipment.d.Protective earthing is provided by Listed AC adapter. Buildinginstallation shall provide appropriate short-circuit backupprotection.e.Protective bonding must be installed in accordance with localnational wiring rules and regulations.

Limited limited warranty requires the use of arbitration to resolve disputes onan individual basis, and, where applicable, specify arbitration instead ofjury trials or class actions.ComplianceFCCChanges or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsiblefor compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject tothe following two conditions.1.This device may not cause harmful interference, and2.This device must accept any interference received, including interferencethat may cause undesired operation.This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for aClass A digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits aredesigned to provide reasonable protection against harmful interferencewhen the equipment is operated in a commercial environment. Thisequipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and,if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, maycause harmful interference to radio communications. Operations of thisequipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmful interference inwhich case the user will be required to correct the interference at his ownexpense.This radio transmitter (FCC: SWX-UAPACPRO) has been approved by FCC.

ISED CanadaCAN ICES-3(A)/NMB-3(A)This device complies with ISED Canada licence-exempt RSS standard(s).Operation is subject to the following two conditions:1.This device may not cause interference, and2.This device must accept any interference, including interference that maycause undesired operation of the device.This radio transmitter (IC: 6545A-UAPACPRO) has been approved by ISEDCanada.CAN ICES-3(A)/NMB-3(A)Le présent appareil est conforme aux CNR d’ISDE Canada applicables auxappareils radio exempts de licence. L’exploitation est autorisée aux deuxconditions suivantes :1.l’appareil ne doit pas produire de brouillage;2.l’appareil doit accepter tout brouillage radioélectrique subi, même si lebrouillage est susceptible d’en compromettre le fonctionnement.Le présent émetteur radio (IC : 6545A-UAPACPRO) a été approuvé par ISDECanada.RF Exposure WarningThe antennas used for this transmitter must be installed to provide aseparation distance of at least 20 cm from all persons and must not belocated or operating in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter,except as listed for this product’s certification.Les antennes utilisées pour cet émetteur doit être installé pour fournir unedistance de séparation d’au moins 20 cm de toutes les personnes et ne doitpas être situé ou opérant en conjonction avec une autre antenne ou unautre émetteur, sauf dans les cas énumérés à la certification de ce produit.Australia and New ZealandWarning: This is a Class A product. In a domestic environment thisproduct may cause radio interference in which case the user maybe required to take adequate measures.BrazilNota: Este equipamento não tem direito à proteção contrainterferência prejudicial e não pode causar interferência emsistemas devidamente autorizados.

CE MarkingCE marking on this product represents the product is in compliance with alldirectives that are applicable to it.Country ListAT BE BG CY CZ DE DK EEIEITLVLTELESFILU MT NL PL PT RO SEFR HR HUSISK UKBFWA (Broadband Fixed Wireless Access) members noted in blueNote: This device meets Max. TX power limit per ETSI regulations.The following apply to products that operate in the 5 GHz frequency range:Note: This device is restricted to indoor use only when operatingin the 5150 - 5350 MHz frequency range within all member states.Note: All countries listed may operate at 30 dBm. BFWA memberstates may operate at 36 dBm.Note: Operation in the 5.8 GHz frequency band is prohibited inBFWA member states. Other countries listed may use the 5.8 GHzfrequency band.

RoHS/WEEE Compliance StatementEnglishEuropean Directive 2012/19/EU requires that the equipment bearingthis symbol on the product and/or its packaging must not be disposedof with unsorted municipal waste. The symbol indicates that thisproduct should be disposed of separately from regular household wastestreams. It is your responsibility to dispose of this and other electric andelectronic equipment via designated collection facilities appointed by thegovernment or local authorities. Correct disposal and recycling will helpprevent potential negative consequences to the environment and humanhealth. For more detailed information about the disposal of your oldequipment, please contact your local authorities, waste disposal service, orthe shop where you purchased the product.DeutschDie Europäische Richtlinie 2012/19/EU verlangt, dass technischeAusrüstung, die direkt am Gerät und/oder an der Verpackung mit diesemSymbol versehen ist, nicht zusammen mit unsortiertem Gemeindeabfallentsorgt werden darf. Das Symbol weist darauf hin, dass das Produktvon regulärem Haushaltmüll getrennt entsorgt werden sollte. Esliegt in Ihrer Verantwortung, dieses Gerät und andere elektrischeund elektronische Geräte über die dafür zuständigen und von derRegierung oder örtlichen Behörden dazu bestimmten Sammelstellen zuentsorgen. Ordnungsgemäßes Entsorgen und Recyceln trägt dazu bei,potentielle negative Folgen für Umwelt und die menschliche Gesundheitzu vermeiden. Wenn Sie weitere Informationen zur Entsorgung IhrerAltgeräte benötigen, wenden Sie sich bitte an die örtlichen Behörden oderstädtischen Entsorgungsdienste oder an den H