FORKLIFT SCALESSeamlessly integrate weighingand data management intoyour operation.ForkliftScales

Simplify Your ProcessesFast, seamless weighing,without any extra stepsWhen businesses require legal-for-trade weight data to maximize profit, increase efficienciesor meet legislative requirements, they need a fast and reliable means of capturing accurate,real-time data. Avery Weigh-Tronix forklift scales allow seamless integration of weighing anddata management into your operation – without adding any extra steps or route changes.Our durable forklift scale systems include a frontmounted scale carriage with accurate Weigh Bar electronic weight sensors and a choice of two in-cabinstruments - making it possible to lift, weigh, moveand record data in one simple operation.Our range of built-in forklift scale systems enableoperators to accurately weigh materials while intransit, increasing productivity by eliminating the needto travel to a floor scale and wait for access.

FORKLIFT SCALESIdeal for Warehouses, Freight Terminals andRecycling CentersWarehousesManaging inventory and billing in material handlingenvironments often depends upon weighingfreight on arrival and before shipping. By enhancingproductivity, inventory and billing accuracy, a forkliftscale can save thousands of dollars per year.Freight TerminalsWeight is vital to determining fees for transportingfreight and properly distributing loads to avoidoverload fines and unsafe conditions. Our Forklift ScaleSystems are rugged and responsive for the fast-pacedterminal environment, with powerful data capturecapabilities for corporate networks.Recycling CentersBundled and palletized recycling materials and wastecan be weighed en route, without the driver divertingto a floor scale. This dramatically improves efficiency.The in-cab instrument’s wireless option can transferaccurate weight data in real time to a back-officecollection system.SYSTEM OVERVIEWFLI 225FLI 425›› Quick Interface›› Compact Size›› Simple to Use›› Touchscreen›› Flexible Integration›› Easy ConnectivityFLSCQTLTSQTLTSC›› ITA Class II›› Legal-For-Trade›› Robust & Accurate›› ITA Class II and III›› Not Legal-For-Trade›› Simple Weighing›› ITA Class III and IV›› Legal-For-Trade›› High Capacities

SCALE CARRIAGESFLSCQTLTS Scale CarriageThe FLSC digital forklift scale is a market leadingsystem which turns an ordinary class II forklift truckinto a mobile scale. This advanced digital scalecomes pre-calibrated from the factory ready for aquick installation. It is built specifically for industrial/commercial applications and incorporates designfeatures to weigh accurately under all conditions.Ideal for monitoring loads handled by forklifts that donot require legal-for-trade accuracy, this tough anddurable forklift scale consistently provides 99% orbetter weight accuracy regardless of the position ofthe forks or mast.The FLSC is legal-for-trade, making it suitable for use inapplications where product is sold by weight. The scalecarriage features a completely open center area, allowingthe forklift operator to clearly see the fork tips (below).›› ITA Class II Cleat Type carriages: 5,000 x 5 lbThis scale carriage is very tough. It attaches to anexisting forklift truck carriage and withstands up to200% of full capacity applied anywhere up to 24” fromthe frame and side loads up to 100% of full capacity.›› ITA Class II Cleat Type carriages: 5,000 x 1 lb›› ITA Class III Cleat Type carriages:5,000 x 1 lb - 10,000 x 2 lbQTLTSC Scale CarriageThe QTLTSC is an ideal solution for applications thatrequire a forklift scale system for the ITA Class III & ClassIV cleat type forklift truck. This robust system allowsoperators to easily and quickly capture legal-for-tradeweight data.›› ITA Class III Cleat Type carriages:5,000 x 5 lb - 10,000 x 10 lb›› ITA Class IV Cleat Type carriages:10,000 x 10 lb - 16,000 x 20 lb

FORKLIFT SCALESSCALE CARRIAGE DESIGNDurable & AccurateOur scale design features two metal plates coupledtogether by application-designed Avery Weigh-TronixWeigh Bar weight sensors, using no flexures or springs.The Weigh Bars electronically measure the load onthe forks and convey this information to embeddedsumming and angle detection electronics. Compiledinformation is then passed on to the in-cab indicatorvia a cable or optional wireless connection.Scale Carriage Exploded View(FLSC shown)StockForksThe entire carriage assembly is primed and finishedwith a high grade powder paint.Off-Axis Load CompensationFour Weigh Bars are configured to provideaccurate weighments under virtually anyconditions, even if the truck is on unevenground, the mast is tilted, or the pallet load isoff-center.Weigh Bar (4)Easy InstallationThe scale is attached to the existing forkliftcarriage and uses the forklift’s stock forks. Ifneeded, the scale and instrument system canbe moved to another truck in minutes.Weigh Bar Weight SensorsThe Weigh Bar steel structure acts as a cantilever,unsuspended on one end and fixed on the other.A load is applied to the unsuspended end. The foursensors attached to the outside of the Weigh Bar detectstrain in the bar. This strain is interpreted by indicatorelectronics to display a weight.Dual SensorPairsLoadWireless ScaleCarriage OptionPerfect for triple-mastforklifts and stock pickersor environments wherethe standard coiled scaleinstrument cable may beeasily damaged (FLSC only).

INSTRUMENTSFLI 425The FLI 425 instrument was designed exclusively forthe forklift scale, providing an easy to use yet powerfulway of accessing valuable scale data.7” Touchscreen TFT Color LCD DisplayThe FLI425 is capable of displaying up to 19 differentdata fields simultaneously, each of which can beaccessed via the touchscreen. The intuitive screenalso displays operator “pop-ups”, wireless status, ondemand diagnostics, alpha-numeric entry, storedrecords and metrological details.4 Hard KeysCommon keys, including Power, F1, Store and Zero,are placed along the edge of the display, making themquickly accessible for ease of use and fast operatortraining.IT Infrastructure ReadySupports multiple communication protocols to allowintegration in to back office servers and externaldevices such as static dimensioners.Cushioned Case SurroundThe FLI 425 features a foam rubber surround,preventing injuries from accidental head contact.Connectivity:StandardEthernetUSBMore Features:›› File Transfer Protocol (FTP) ready›› Transactions stored in memory›› Automatic standby mode if left unattended›› Calibration validation›› Diagnostics Manager- Scale carriage- Audit Trail- Overload/Underload events- Wireless communications- Many more›› Wireless scale carriage option (FLSC only)OptionalSerial (2)Wi-FiBluetoothFLI 225The FLI 225 wasdesigned for forkliftscale users withsimpler needs.Fast ViewLCD Display¾” high weight digits for great readability. Also displaysmultiple lines of other data. Crisp in bright conditionsand backlit for dim areas.9 Hard KeysLimited number of keys simplifies use and minimizesoperator error.Connectivity:StandardSerial (2)OptionalWi-FiBluetoothMore Features:›› Classic/Expanded operation modes›› Automatic standby feature›› 350 transaction memory›› Transaction/Accumulator reports›› Instrument diagnostics mode›› Scale diagnostics mode›› Wireless scale carriage option (FLSC only)

FORKLIFT SCALESWIRELESS COMMUNICATIONSIdeal for GlobalNetworksAs a key validation component fordaily operations, the data can be usedlocally and/or transferred via WANto a central server or data center.Information is available for use byaccount management to create aninvoice, or inventory management forvalidation of inbound/outbound goodsand stock management. Informationcommunicated can include:›› Weight›› Pro Number (ID)›› Estimated Weight Dimensions›› Estimated Pieces›› Actual Pieces›› Time/date of transaction›› Employee ID›› Site Location›› Forklift ID›› Calibration Verification›› DimensionsWANConnectionWireless Access Point& Local ServerGlobal Data CenterForklift withScale Carriageand WirelessInstrument.Wireless Instrument OptionWireless DataCollectionWirelessAccess PointThe instrument wireless transmitter option improvesefficiency. Real-time communication removes the stepof manually downloading data via a wired connection.If the wireless link is lost, the instrument will save alldata until the link is re-established.