C OMPANY PROFILESince 1957 Panasonic develops welding technology products and is nowadays worldwide presentin the field of MIG/MAG/TIG and robot welding. The Panasonic Robot & Welding Europe is theEuropean Distributor for products and services all about welding. The headquarter is located inNeuss near Dusseldorf and offers a big training room, a welding test area and forms herewith thecenter of excellence for robot and welding systems. With a huge distributor Network Panasonicis almost represented in every European country. It is our aim to support the entire industry with“All From One Manufacturer”solutions in the field of welding.PRODUCT & SERVICEPanasonic offers a turnkey welding system for arc welding – with welding and handling robots,welding power sources, welding torches and much more. Therefore we cover a wide range ofindustrial applications. Our provided robot welding systems are equipped with robots of theTM-WG3 range (TAWERS systems with an integrated welding power source) or the TM-G3 range(robots with an external digital Panasonic power source). Whether general or automotiveindustry Panasonic always offers the best solutions of products to be manufactured in cooperation with customers.Partner – Sales & Service02Partner – System housePanasonic

PERFORMARC ROBOTIC WELDING SYSTEMPanasonic PerformArc Robotic Welding Systems provide exactly what welding customersexpect! Our welding cells are of modular concept developed by using standard reliable Panasonic components. We provide turnkey, cost efficient and universally usablewelding solutions.Your benefits are easy settings due to only one teach pendant for robot and powersource and reducing running costs due to only one Panasonic technician who is neededfor any training and maintenance. Check out our standard systems and examples fordedicated ones.Welding cells from one manufacturer:1. Configuration2. Implementation3. Completion4. After-Sales.GENERAL STRUCTURE OF PERFORMARCPERFORMARC– MANUAL TABLE (PA-MT)– ELECTRICAL TABLE (PA-ET)– TURNING TABLE (PA-TT)H-FRAMEFERRIS WHEEL (PA-FW)PerformArc – Robotic Welding System03


PA-MT-SERIESPA-MT / PA-MT-XL / PA-MT-XXLPA-MT Transparent PerspectivePA-MT Top ViewPA-MT PerspectivePA-MT Side ViewSpecificationsModelWork Table (mm)Max. Work Place (mm)Fixture Area (mm)Payload (each in kg)Measurements(L x W x H in cm)Approx. Weight (kg)Recommendedrobot typePA-MT1.000 x 500Ø 1.000 x 600Ø 1.000 x 600250PA-MT-XL1.000 x 5001.100 x 6001.500 x 600250PA-MT-XXL1.000 x 5001.300 x 7001.900 x 850250440 x 220 x 230460 x 240 x 230480 x 310 x formArc – Robotic Welding System05

PA-ET-SERIESPA-ET-SERIESPA-ET / PA-ET-XL / PA-ET-XXLPA-ET PerspectivePA-ET Transparent PerspectiveSpecificationsModelWork Table (mm)Max. Work Place (mm)Fixture Area (mm)Payload (each in kg)Turn Time (sec.)Measurements(L x W x H in cm)Approx. Weight (kg)Recommendedrobot type06PA-ET Top ViewPA-ET Side ViewPA-ET500 x 5001.000 x 6001.000 x 600500 5PA-ET-XL500 x 5001.100 x 6001.600 x 800500 5PA-ET-XXL500 x 5001.300 x 7001.900 x 850500 5540 x 220 x 230560 x 270 x 230580 x 310 x 2303.5003.800TM-1400/TM-18003.900TM-1400TM-1800

ALSO AVAIL ABLEWITH T W O ROBOTS!PA-ET-2PD-SERIESPA-ET-2DK-SERIESPA-ET-2PD / PA-ET-2PD-XL /PA-ET-2PD-2R / PA-ET-XXL-2RPA-ET-2DK-250 / PA-ET-2DK-500 /PA-ET-2DK-250-2R / PA-ET-2DK-500-2RPA-ET-2PD Transparent PerspectivePA-ET-2DK Transparent PerspectivePA-ET-2PD Top ViewPA-ET-2DK Top ViewSpecificationsModelMax. Work Place (mm)Fixture Area (mm)Payload (each in kg)Turn Time (sec.)Measurements(L x W x H in cm)Approx. Weight (kg)Recommendedrobot typePA-ET-2PDØ 600 x 1.000Ø 800 x 1.250250 6PA-ET-2PD-XLØ 800 x 1.400Ø 1.000 x 1.600250 / 500 6580 x 310 x 250650 x 360 x odelMax. Work Place (mm)Fixture Area (mm)Payload (each in kg)Turn Time (sec.)Measurements(L x W x H in cm)Approx. Weight (kg)Recommendedrobot typePA-ET-2DK-250Ø 1.000 x 800Ø 1.000 x 800250 6PA-ET-2DK-500Ø 1.300 x 600Ø 1.000 x 1.000500 6650 x 310 x 230680 x 350 x 2305.0005.500depends on taskPerformArc – Robotic Welding System07

PA-TT-SERIESPA-TT-SERIESPA-TT / PA-2PD-250PA-TT PerspectivePA-TT Transparent PerspectiveSpecificationsModelWork Table (mm)Max. Work Place (mm)Fixture Area (mm)Payload (each in kg)Measurements(L x W x H in cm)Approx. Weight (kg)Recommendedrobot type08PA-TT Side ViewPA-TT Top ViewPA-TT1.000 x 600900 x 6001.000 x 600400PA-TT-2PD-250775 x 600700 x 600775 x 600250320 x 240 x 260320 x 240 x 2602.5002.800TM-1400TM-1400

PA-TT-2PD-SERIESPA-TT-2DK-SERIESPA-TT-2PD-250 / PA-TT-2PD-500PA-TT-2DK-300 / PA-TT-2DK-500PA-TT-2PD Transparent PerspectivePA-TT-2DK Transparent PerspectivePA-TT-2PD Top ViewPA-TT-2DK Top ViewSpecificationsModelMax. Work Place (mm)Fixture Area (mm)Payload (each in kg)Measurements(L x W x H in cm)Approx. Weight (kg)Recommendedrobot typePA-TT-2PD-250Ø 800 x 1.000Ø 800 x 1.250300PA-TT-2PD-500Ø 800 x 1.000Ø 800 x 1250600240 x 530 x 270240 x 530 x 2704.3004.500TM-1800TM-1800SpecificationsModelMax. Work Place (mm)Fixture Area (mm)Payload (each in kg)Measurements(L x W x H in cm)Approx. Weight (kg)Recommendedrobot typePA-TT-2DK-3001.100 x 1.100 x 500–300PA-TT-2DK-5001.100 x 1.100 x 500–500540 x 240 x 270540 x 240 x 2704.4004.500TM-1800TM-1800PerformArc – Robotic Welding System09

PA-H-FRAME-SERIESPA-H-Frame-2500 / PA-H-Frame-3000PA-MT Transparent PerspectivePA-MT Top ViewPA-H-Frame PerspectivePA-MT Side ViewSpecificationsModelMax. Work Place (mm)Fixture Area (mm)Payload (each in kg)Measurements(L x W x H in cm)Approx. Weight (kg)Recommendedrobot type10PA-H-Frame-2500Ø 1.000 x 2.000Ø 1.200 x 2.100250-1.000PA-H-Frame-3000Ø 1.000 x 2.600Ø 1.200 x 3.000250-1.000460 x 490 x 28051 x 490 x 0/TM-2000

PA-FW-3PD-SERIESALSO AVAIL ABLEWITH T W O ROBOTS!PA-FW-3PD-2000 / PA-FW-3PD-2500 / PA-FW-3PD-3000 /PA-FW-3PD-3500 / PA-FW-3PD-2RPA-FW-3PD Transparent PerspectivePA-FW-3PD Top ViewPA-FW-3PD PerspectivePA-FW-3PD Side ViewSpecificationsModelPA-FW-3PD-2000 PA-FW-3PD-2500 PA-FW-3PD-3000 PA-FW-3PD-3500Max. Work Place (mm) Ø 1.000 x 1.800 Ø 1.000 x 2.200 Ø 1.000 x 2.500 Ø 1.000 x 3.200Fixture Area (mm)Ø 1.000 x 2.000 Ø 1.000 x 2.500 Ø 1.000 x 3.000 Ø 1.000 x 3.500Payload (each in kg)250/500250/500250/500250/500Measurements410 x 480 x 280460 x 480 x 280510 x 480 x 280560 x 480 x 280(L x W x H in cm)Approx. Weight M-20002xTM-1800robot type11

DEDICATED SYSTEMS2 x Tilt & Turn PositionerLoad Capacity: 1.500 kgCeeling Type Shifterwith 2 x PositionersLoad Capacity: 2.000 kgFerris Wheel Systemwith Shifter2 x 1.000 kg PositionersThree Stations Concept2 x Tilt & Turn Positioners1 x Turn Positioners12


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